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September 04, 2010 | 02:12 PM | 7 notes

It’s not just parenting websites promoting Similac’s latest marketing ploy

The absurdity of a formula company creating a breastfeeding advice line is in the same league as a bacon company sponsoring a kosher food festival. 

After reading PhD in Parenting’s wonderful post explaining many of the concerns with Similac’s new “Feeding Expert” hotline http://www.phdinparenting.com/2010/09/03/similac-and-babble-team-up-to-dupe-breastfeeding-moms/ it’s hard to imagine how someone could overlook the major conflict of interest.  Surely nobody would fall for this, right?

Unfortunately it’s not just websites like Babble, who survive on advertising dollars, that are promoting this predatory new campaign.  Much more alarming are the medical professionals directing patients to Similac for breastfeeding advice. 

Here are just a few medical centers actively promoting Similac’s feeding hotline to moms seeking breastfeeding help.




 Are your medical providers marketing more than health? 

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